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Journeys Out Of Body

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Journeys Out Of Body

 · English. Robert A. Monroe has been a pioneer in exploring out-of-the-body. experiences, and "Journeys out of the Body," his first book, has become the undisputed classic in the field. He had a long and distinguished career in the broadcasting industry, as a writer, director of programs, and creator and producer of some four hundred radio and TV network programs, and eventually as owner and .

In his book Journeys out of the Body Robert A Monroe discusses astral projection with his readers. Astral projection is the concept that with enough mediation and cognitive control you can be able to have your soul, spirit, etc. step out of your body while you sleep thus creating a controlled out of body experience/5.

The sequel to Monroe's Journey Out Of The Body is an amazing parapsychological odyssey that reflects a decade of research into the psychic realm beyond the known dimensions of physical reality. 5 out of 5 stars. You are more than your physical body By Diana on

Journeys Out of the Body was originally published in hardcover by Doubleday in , and in paperback by Anchor Books in ISBN Copyright ® , by Robert A. Monroe All Rights Reserved Printed in the United States of America 32 34 36 38 40 39 37 35 33 31File Size: KB.

Journeys out of the Body. (a summary by Pat Evert) Robert found himself one night outside of his body and began to systematically study this phenomenon. He formed a team to explore out-of-body-experiences (OBE) from the late 's through the 's. During these decades they performed hundreds of OBE's.

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