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Stick Together

22.10.2021 3 By Kakasa

Stick Together

3. To assemble or reassemble something, especially quickly, easily, or sloppily. A noun or pronoun is usually used between "stick" and "together." It shouldn't be too hard to stick the thing together. Do we need any tools? They stuck the desk back together with duct tape. You can't even put anything on it or else it will collapse.

stick together. See definition of stick together on as in join. as in play ball. as in stick. as in unify. as in unite. as in cement. as in cooperate.

To stick together (literally or figuratively) To combine together to form one substance or mass. (of people, nations or organizations) To come or bring together for a common purpose or action. Verb.. To join or collaborate with others to achieve a goal. cooperate. remain unified.

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