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That Promise

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That Promise

See definition of promise on noun one's word that something will be done. noun hope, possibility. verb give word that something will be done. verb bring hope, possibility.

It creates a promise that will be fulfilled, using setTimeout(), to the promise count (number starting from 1) every seconds, at random. The Promise() constructor is used to create the promise. The fulfillment of the promise is logged, via a fulfill callback set using (). A few logs show how the synchronous part of the method is decoupled from the asynchronous completion of the promise.

A Promise is an object representing the eventual completion or failure of an asynchronous operation. Since most people are consumers of already-created promises, this guide will explain consumption of returned promises before explaining how to create them.

 · Basically, “Promise” is a word that is very good as the meaning of a child’s name. Therefore, when naming a child, parents should keep a meaningful name in the “Promise”. As a result, if your child ever makes a promise, he will try to keep it.

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